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I live in Luton town(UK), I started my project in about 20 yrs ago, but family friends have disappointed me big time, I spent a lot on my project including an arteculator head (car) all I could get was an uncompleted building which has no formation. In about two years ago, I heard of Rock properties Ltd on amansan fm(UK) I followed up on them but due to my previous experience, I was very skeptical but they managed to convince me so I decided to give them a try, at the end, I didn’t believe my eyes when I went to Ghana to see the project. Today I’ve gone beyond just being a client but now I’m their director in charge of international affairs, I have given them an office space in my house at luton(UK). I have live here all my life and I know exactly what Ghanaians living in abroad go through to have a place of their own in Ghana. I will implore my brothers and sisters living in abroad to give rock properties a try and they’ll have an experience of a life time. Thank you

Luton town(UK)

 I heard about Rock properties on YouTube when they had an interview with OB on ekosii sen show on asempa fm. I spoke to them about my wife but I didn’t bother to follow up on them, unknown to me, my wife had contacted their marketing department and spoke with one Asamoah, we bought an old delapidated building at Adenta commandos in Accra. Apparently Asamoah visited the project site advised my wife and completely redesign the the house and made it an ultramodern mansion. We visited Ghana in 2020 and I met Asamoah and his crew, they took us to my project and gosh I didn’t believe what I saw. I argued with my wife that that was not my house, in fact I remember I gave them all the dollars I had on me and told them I’ll send them more when I go back to the states. I still do not believe that such companies exist in Ghana. Their understanding, competence and trust knows no bounds, please try them and you will never regret.
Thank you
Eric Agyemang

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